Friday Night Supper for 2, Aug 21 edition

Three Sisters is a way of farming and eating where the plants and fruits are beneficial to each other, the earth, and have complimentary nutrition.  In addition to being sciency, it's soooo goood to eat!! I hope you enjoy these farm-to-table treats.

These enchiladas are full of organic black beans, yellow squash, a little poblano, and sweet corn that I cut off the cob.  They're topped with a non-tomato, red mole sauce and Kenny's Chipotle Colby.

Squash blossoms are filled with chevre, egg, honey, and herbs.  They are then brushed with an egg wash, sprinkled with seasoned Panko and baked.

The okra is simple: roasted to perfection with olive oil and Studio Mama Herb Salt.

The avocado salad is a mix of cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and avocado marinated in lime, cilantro and salt, and dolloped onto a bed of tender lettuces.

The carrots in the cake came out of my backyard just yesterday!  No nuts distract from the joy of the textures of the cake and the cream cheese icing. 

This week's meal features the following local producers:

  • Bell's Bend Farms -squash blossoms
  • Farm and Fiddle - Nasturtium Flowers
  • Rocky Glade Farm - Poblano Peppers
  • SE Daugherty & Sons Farm - Cherry Tomatoes, Sweet Bi-color corn, Cucumbers, Okra, Yellow Squash
  • ZMac Farms - Lettuce
  • Noble Springs - Chevre
  • Henosis - Herbs
  • Kenny's Cheese - Chipotle Colby
  • and my very own backyard! - Carrots

Thanks so much for your support! 

Look for more excitement here soon! 

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