A Night To Remember - Book Launch and Inspiration

A Night To Remember - Book Launch and Inspiration

Y'ALL!  I'm not sure where to start with the gushing, but I gotta start somewhere...

The Studio Mama Cookbook has been launched into the world as of June 7, 2022.  It was in the most Nashville way I could have imagined - at Grimey's, being interviewed by Craig Havighurst, surrounded by friends and neighbors.  WHAT A DREAM! 

As I explained to my guests that Tuesday evening, being on that other side of the microphone from where I've listened to countless interviews by Craig with musicians I adore on Music City Roots in person and on WMOT radio was an honor and privilege.  Being prodded with thoughtful questions to tell stories of family and food, roots and reachings, eventually moved me to tears.  (though, if you know me, that's not super hard to do.  I'm a crier for sure!)

The joy of the memories and the opportunity to bear witness to my own personal growth and the creation of something bigger than myself, the ripples of my tiny splash, pushes me to want to do more of that stuff - inspiring people with food and holding space for creativity. 

Be on the lookout for the upcoming Studio Mama Supper Club - an intimate evening featuring a multi-course dinner of thoughtfully sourced ingredients and a special performance by some of your favorite artists.  Now under (figurative) construction...


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