Catching up!

Catching up!




I haven't written here or sent out a menu in quite some time.  Here's some of the things I've been doing instead.

I'm SUPER hopeful that in the next couple of weeks MY BOOK WILL BE GOING TO THE PRINTER!!  I was so happy with the response I got from the recipe testers.  I only had to rewrite a couple things in that department.  The headnotes and stories have been really fun to work and rework and get just so.  I got contact sheets back from the photographer and I'm just pleased as punch.  The tricky part now, as with every other physical item to be manufactured, is supply chain and shipping issues.  I just don't know when it'll be back to me to hold in my hands.  I may be able to get a few sooner than the bulk of them.  As soon as I have dates, I'll do a presale with early books (they'll be priced higher than the literal slow boaters), slow-boat books, and bundles with shirts and spices and artwork.  I cannot wait to share it all with you!

Additionally, I was asked to join API on their sponsored hole for the AES NERF annual golf tournament.  Over the course of 2 days, we served Baltimore Coddies (pan fried on the spot in Granny's giant cast iron pan), Utz Crab Chips, and "Berger Cookies" with a Studio Mama spin, to about 250 people.  I can't tell you what a shot in the arm that was, seeing all those familiar faces and hearing people's favorite meals from my time in the Southern Ground kitchen.  My cup is full.

RW w/ API at AES NERF Golf Tournament

I've done a bit of "box lunch" catering for some studio sessions, concert pre-gaming, family dinners, and party hors d'oeuvres, too, and I hope you'll continue to call me for more food adventures.  I'm always happy to create a menu tailored for whatever it is you're doing. 

Sending you Love and Happiness in the voice of the Rev. Al Green,
Rebecca Wood, Studio Mama
Hearts in the Mix

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So good to see you back. I will have to print this out for Papa. You have been busy!
Love you!!

Mama Sandy

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