Double Dorje Blockprint, the last page in my first Sketchbook Project for Brooklyn Art Library

Double Dorje Blockprint, the last page in my first Sketchbook Project for Brooklyn Art Library

The instant Mikel Hosp walked through my door in January 1997, my life was forever changed by our immediate and deep connection. I was in a dark place, making choices that most people would frown upon, but Mikel saw through to the bright spot in me. He pointed me back towards the Light by way of giving me books and snippets of wisdom, and introduced me to wonderful people who’ve now been my friends and support for more than 20 years.

Back in 1997, Mikel had a kind of balanced wand-thing hanging from his rearview mirror and a tattoo of a phoenix on his shoulder. The two images have stayed clearly in my mind all these years. In November 2018, they flashed through my mind, married in a vision. I called Mikel to ask for more information about both.

The wand-thing is called a Dorje or Vajra and symbolizes both the indestructibility and clarity of the diamond, plus the immediacy of enlightenment the thunderbolt can bring. The Double Dorje, such as this image in the shape of a cross, incorporates the physical world in which an epiphany, sudden enlightenment, undeniable clarity can happen in a flash of lightning.

Mikel’s shoulder tattoo is a phoenix, a symbol of regeneration, rebirth, renewal. Combining these ideas into one powerful image made space for great healing for me. I traced a photo of his tattoo, leaving off one wing, folded it over to make a mirror image, and then contained that image in a lotus. Each quadrant was traced from the original and the four are intended to be identical, with the center symbolizing the bliss- y bits where the four scepters come together. This is carved into a 12”x12” mounted linoleum block. Of the three original prints, one belongs to me, one to Mikel, and one is in the personal collection of musician Dave Grohl.

Please see my Instagram @heartsinthemix for more images of this block as a work in progress. 

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Saw your tag on Instagram. Such beautiful work! I’m so happy to hear that Dave has one. The meaning behind it is perfect. Congratulations! Look forward to seeing more of your art.


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