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Granny Gave Up the Ghost

Granny and Papa dancing

My sweet old Granny died in her sleep very early Tuesday morning.  She was resting well after a hard day of suffering and Papa went to sleep next to her around 10:30.  He says that sometime after midnight she put her arm around him to snuggle, then after a while took it back to her side.  When he woke, she wasn't breathing.  Friday would have been their 73rd wedding anniversary, but we'll have a graveside service for Granny instead.  He picked a very fancy dress out for her celebration.

My Granny spent a lot of time with me all my life.  She was so excited even before I was born and dubbed herself "Granny," perhaps after the fondness she had for her own grandmother.  She and my Papa took me camping, bought my school clothes, let me help with garden chores, showed me how to can and freeze to preserve Summer's bounty, and generally spoiled me rotten.   When I had my own kids, Granny and Papa weren't getting out quite as much, but still managed to visit and be with us and spoil us all equally and continually. 

We learned so much from Granny's unrelenting worrying.  We know to call at the end of our journey to let someone know we've made it safely to our destination.  We know to turn the lights out so as not to waste energy.  We know that even though we might've made a poor choice, that somebody still loves us.  We also know that we can do better and that we can generously love other people in our lives going forward. 

This song pretty much sums her up.  Here's the lyrics so you can sing along. 

In lieu of flowers, please send donations to Kindred Hospice, who gave great care in Granny's final days. Mail a check or money order, noting Catherine Mason in the memo, to:
Kindred Hospice
700 Brookstone Centre Parkway, Suite 100
Columbus, GA 31904

Alternately, Venmo @heartsinthemix and I'll be sure the donation gets to the good folks there. 

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My heart goes out to you and your family. Xoxo sending you blessings

Mary June Tracy

I can definitely see the love your sweet granny poured into you! It spills out all the time. Our hearts are with your heart and your family, holding the love for you while you grieve and remember her.

Chelon Hasty

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