Book Cover: A Chronical of Healing


In June 2014, my husband and I bought a 1938 Tudor in Nashville, Tennessee.  One of the charming features of the house is a telephone niche set into the plaster walls.  I decided to make that little nook into a “Shrine of Fun, Silliness, and Creativity.”

In April 2017, I had a major surgery.  My father passed away that July 4 and a dear friend was suffering with breast cancer.  All of this sent me on an inward spiral of spiritual exploration and artistic expression.

I woke up on Oct 24, 2017 with a NEED to do block printing, specifically to print onto the walls around the shrine I’d started.  I'd never done anything like that before, and eventually learned that one cannot print directly onto the wall.  I began collecting other skill sets to reach that goal.  I managed to carve 26 blocks of varying size and difficulty over the next two years.  The collection in this sketchbook is a hindsight view of the beginning of my journey through both the physical and emotional healing. 

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