Levi Chicken

Levi Chicken

One of the first records done at Southern Ground Nashville was Levi Lowrey’s self-titled album.  This was such an artful, thoughtful project, full of super talented musicians in the midst of creativity and focus and lust to make it just-so.  The Spirit(s) were moving during that time and the album is really a prize that I’m grateful to have been a party to.

During one of the first days of the session, I made a chicken dish that I threw together with whatever spices and sauces were around; a ginger-orange Asian marinade, cooked slow in a very large Le Creuset dutch oven.  I served it over brown rice with stirfry vegetables.  Everyone enjoyed it and the session went on.

The evening before the last day, Levi pulled me aside and with great humility and gratitude said something like he didn’t want to dissuade anything I’d already had planned, but would I please consider recreating that chicken dish I’d made at the beginning as a celebration of completion.  I did my best, but I’ve never made this dish the exact same way twice.  It truly depends on what I have around. 

This “recipe” became a studio staple and has been requested any number of times by folks who were on that session as well as through the ripples that great art and community create.

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it’s so delicious. It’s like a French dish that’s simmered and stewed and got comfortable in its own sauce. Warm and comforting and oh so tasty! I can see why Levi wanted it again.

Chelon Hasty

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