Lost and Found

Over the last few days, I've found myself holding a great deal of sadness.  The world lost a gem, I lost a client and acquaintance, and people who are dear to me lost someone who is dear to them. Foo Fighters' drummer, Taylor Hawkins, has moved into the great beyond and I've been crying for DAYS.  

I wouldn't consider myself a very empathetic person and so I've had to dig a little deeper to figure out why this is touching me so deeply. 

I had a studio lunch delivery last week, Thurs-Sat.  And we saw that dark IG post Friday night.  So when my client, Jess Nolan, complimented my food and told me how much it influenced her session and how much better it made the vibe, I just couldn't hold myself together.

See, for me, cooking isn't just about getting food into mouths.  It's about creating an environment, feeding a vibe, establishing a tactile and tasty bond between humans, inserting some extra magic into bodies that can beam back out in creative and beneficial ways and make a ripple effect that goes beyond what I can comprehend.  Every love-infused morsel contains the calories used to fuel a guitar lick, drum groove, fader push, knob turn, or simply a smile.  And it works backwards, too, to put money in the hands of real farmers who do all they know how to make the very dirt, water, and air better here on Earth. 

I decided, as Studio Mama at Southern Ground Nashville, that I had found what I wanted to be when I grew up.  And as sad as I might be for the loss of Taylor, I'm ever grateful to have been a part of the chef team and vibe-committee to enable him to put his own brand of love and good works into the world beyond my reach.

"The voice upon the stage
Is the heart inside a cage
And they're singing like a bluebird in the round
There's mystery in this wood
And ghosts within these roots
That are tangled deep beneath this southern ground"


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(From the video) : “Give me your best of what you would have”.
That’s what Studio Mama does – she gives you the best of what she would have, of what she feeds her own family. ❤️


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