No Resolutions!

No Resolutions!

Ginny Flowers - Cheers!

Happy New Year!
Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life! 

As I've moved through each day of the last 5 years, I've come to the realization that my long-term goals need to stay pretty fluid.  Here's a list of things I managed over 2022 with goals and dreams as moving targets.  I keep hearing people tell me how busy I am and it doesn't usually feel that way.  I guess I'm doing something right.  AND I'm asking for help when I need it (see July) where I've been bad at that in the past. 

Sending many hugs and so much love to you all.  I hope we can connect more this year.  Be on the lookout for more next-steps from The Studio Mama over here at Hearts in the Mix!!

2022 in Review, complete with links to more info:

  • January - Got Covid: in bed 12 days, on the couch another 2 weeks.
  • February - Photoshoot of me cooking dinner with Danny Clinch for Caddis eyewear
  • March - Crowdfunding Campaign for The Studio Mama Cookbook raised almost $30K! 
  • April - Saw The Wood Brothers play the Ryman and then catered their recording sessions at The Studio Nashville
  • May - Hosted my first Studio Mama Supper Club featuring a performance by the one and only Oliver Wood, catered for Curb Studio's grand re-opening after pandemic and renovation, cooked onsite for API's sponsored hole at the Audio Masters NERF golf tournament, AND cooked onsite for Kasey Musgraves with Ian Fitchuk and Daniel Tashian at my old haunt Southern Ground Nashville
  • June - The Studio Mama Cookbook was officially released with an event and interview with Craig Havighurst at Grimeys and is featured at these local stores, as well as my own website and Amazon:  The Music City Shop, Parnassus Books, Duke's General Store (the car wash on White Bridge Rd), and The Kitchen in Belle Meade.
  • July - Family vacation to Pacific Northwest and mental health collapse, Sought out help in ways I'd been closed to before - started on antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds.  The trial-and-error was nearly as bad (maybe worse?) as the original state, but eventually we found the right cocktail
  • August-Nov - catered several large scale events and studio sessions, took some awesome hikes, dreamed, and planned for future events, monthly appearances on Today In Nashville
  • December - A quick kid-free trip to Mexico with OW for Strings and Sol festival, The second installation of The Studio Mama Supper Club featuring a performance by Sean McConnell and sit-ins with Oliver Wood, along with ALL the feelings the holidays bring up, and visits with old friends.

Be Sweet!
Rebecca Wood, Studio Mama

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I was present for a few of these dates. So glad the “right cocktail” was established because your presence is warming and contagious. Happy to know you and support, where I can. Keep on truckin’ mama…. You make the world that much more wonderful.

Darryl Henson

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