Poundcake is Family

Poundcake is Family

Family and Friends

Pound Cake is like family…

Pound cake, or “pouncake” as we say it, is a member of the family.  It’s a tradition that goes through generations and across all the webbed extensions of relatedness.  It’s a single recipe that we all know by heart.  And it comes down from Annie Gwendolyn.  “Gwen” is my cousin, but since my grandmother was raised with her as a sister after my great-grandmother died, she’s more like an aunt.  She’s the best hugger, a fantastic cook, a maker of watermelon rind pickles, and an incredible baker of Southern cakes. 

I remember eating this cake at reunions and holiday gatherings as a child.  I have visceral memories of the crunch of the crusty top and the give of the moist, rich, flavorful middle.  I remember how we loved it with macerated berries and peaches, or even just plain, and how we toasted it for breakfast in the days to come, layering on more butter or peanut butter while it was still warm. 

Not only do we eat poundcake regularly in my own home, but I’ve been making it for friends and for hire for almost as long as I’ve been baking it at all. I have even been flown across the country to bake it for rock stars.  Insider info: Oliver Wood and Matt Mangano like lemon poundcake best. For Zac Brown Band with Dave Grohl, I made a Smoked Mocha Poundcake with Macerated Strawberries; for Dwight Yoakam – almond poundcake with strawberries; and Carrie Underwood – vanilla with chocolate ganache.

Though poundcake isn't on my dinner menu every week, it's always available for pick up or shipping through the Baked Goods page on my website.  You can also add any item for delivery with your Wednesday Night Supper!  Order dinner from this week's menu HERE

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