The Big Binder

One of the times I got married, my family put together this binder for me.  My step-mother, Sandra, hosted a Pampered Chef party, and instead of gifts, the rep collected funds for me to make my own selections from their wares.  It was really a great idea.  I still cook with so many of the things I ordered then, particularly a tiny spatula and ALL the stoneware.  The most special thing of the whole day, though, was that everyone who was invited, in attendance or not, contributed a recipe that was put into this binder and gifted to me.  The exterior has photos of my family, all with food in their hands or in their faces. 

The Big Binder

I've continued to collect recipes in this book for many years.  It has ZERO organization, but I know it's contents well, and am always happy to touch every page as I dig through looking for something specific.  It's precious.  It's one of the things I'd grab on my way out if the house was on fire. 

As I've been finishing up my cookbook of studio menus and recipes, I've been having to retrace some steps, walking myself back through recipe development from inspiration to execution.  It's a trip down memory lane, but also an education in personal growth and culinary undertaking.  

I cannot wait to share these contents with you.  But most of all, I cannot wait to sit at a table all together and share our stories over a great meal. 



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